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What to look for when booking your wedding band in Cardiff

What to look for when booking your wedding venue? There are a lot of things to take into

consideration, especially if you are thinking about hiring a band, DJ or both for your special day.

Adequate Parking

A lot of guests will want to drive from the church to the wedding venue to ensure they get there on

time for you. Also, most bands (Unless they a solo act will turn up in several vehicles) This is usually

due to the large amount of equipment a band needs to bring to allow them to perform the show.

i.e. instruments, speakers, lights, leads, p.a. etc. A lot of venues do not take this into consideration

when offering their services as a wedding venue. We have performed at venues where there are

150 guests, plus the 5 cars we use to transport everything and there are only 4 parking spaces at the

venue. This can lead to heavy equipment having to be carried from quite some distance and taking

longer to set up for your special night.

Enough room for the wedding band in Cardiff to set up and perform

This is a very important thing to consider if you are booking a wedding venue and are considering

hiring live entertainment. Band come in all shapes and sizes 3-piece, 4-piece, 5 piece all the way up

to 10 and 11 piece depending on what you are looking for and your budget. For all of these people

to fit in with their equipment and perform for you, requires room. Most wedding venues are set up

for this. However, I have also performed many times when the band has arrived at a wedding and

this has not been considered and 6 people are asked to fit into a corner stuffed in between the cake

and the toilets.

Does it have a cut off time?

When booking your wedding venue in Cardiff, it is worth asking if the venue has a cut off time. Some venues

only have live performance licences for live music to be performed up to 11pm. If you are wanting

to continue your party into the small hours this could be a factor worth considering.

Does the venue have a noise limiter?

Some wedding venues can have noise limiters built into their electric supply. This is usually due to

noise complaints from surrounding properties. These work by having a traffic light system and if the

band are loud and the noise goes into the red for more than 10 seconds then the power is cut to

stop the noise. This is a great idea. However, the frequencies that a live drum kit and bass operate

at even at low volumes can trigger these devices and can mean a lot of interruption throughout the

evening as the band have to keep starting again.

What Is the access like?

Perfect Day Party Band have performed at weddings where we have had to carry all the equipment through the crowd

as they are having desert, trying desperately not to accidentally hit anyone with the heavy speakers

whilst trying to navigate through chairs and tables.

If you consider the above when booking your wedding venue it will make sure you get the perfect

day that you deserve.

If you would like to book a brilliant wedding band in Cardiff please contact Perfect Day Party Band who have been playing weddings for the last ten years all over Cardiff. They are a top wedding band from Cardiff who can play in lots of different styles of music.

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