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Wedding Entertainment in Cardiff

So, what is the best wedding entertainment to book to impress your guests and make your wedding

extra special? Below I will show you what to look for to make your special day absolutely incredible.

If you have a wedding coming up you have no doubt thought about wedding entertainment to

entertain, impress your guests and make your special do go with a bang.

As with everything there are a number of options available to you so much so that the choices can

be mind boggling. Below is a list of options to consider before

What are the types of Wedding Entertainment available?

 Wedding band in Cardiff

 Pianists

 Magicians

 Photo Booth’s

 Singing Waiters

 Caricaturists

 DJ

 Dancers

 Fire Breathers

 Stilt Walkers

 Fireworks

The list is literally endless…..

So, with all the options available to you where do you begin?

Here are a number of points to consider:

What is your budget?

This is probably the first place to start when trying to decide on the type and amount of wedding

entertainment you want to book.

What type of person are you?

I know this may seem like a strange question. However, it is an important one to ask. Do you like

Live music or are you looking for something a bit more personal and intimate? Do you feel

comfortable with people coming up to you like a magician and perform tricks etc. Some people

would shy away from this kind of attention and feel very uncomfortable. This is definitely something

you do not want on your wedding day. Whereas others love the attention and welcome the chance

to join in with the performance.

What venue in Wales have you booked?

Most wedding venues are happy for you to have live bands. However not all are licenced for live

music or have the room to allow a band to perform. Before you book a live band, its worth checking

with the venue to see if there are any noise limitations, or cut off times etc.

Wedding Bands in Wales

If you are looking for the truly spectacular experience that will leave you and your guests talking

about how great your wedding was then look no further than a Wedding Band. Live music always

makes the day extra special. With the energy of live music and the crowd dancing along and joining

in with the songs the right band can bring all your guests together in a joyous celebration. You

cannot go wrong with Perfect Day Party Band. We guarantee the absolute best performance

performed by some of the best musicians in wales.

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